A518 A618 A500 44re 46re 46rh 47re 48re Overdrive Brake Clutch Alto Powerpack


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Alto Part Number: 028757

(7) 027746-165 (.065” / 1.65mm) Red Eagle®Friction Plates
(7) 027723K (.068” / 1.73mm) Kolene® Steel Plates
(1) 027763A Stepped Bottom Pressure Plate
Install the flat snap ring only, Do Not install the waved snap ring. Install the bottom apply plate with the stepped side toward the flat snap ring. Install a friction plate followed by a steel plate and continue until the last plate installed is a steel plate. The thrust bearing, selective shim, and apply piston must be in place as shown below to measure the pack clearance.

Before installing the wire snap ring, measure the clearance between the top steel plate and the apply piston with a feeler gauge or drill bit. Clearance should be .095” to .115” (2.41 to 2.92mm). Clearance can be adjusted with one of ten selective shims which are available through Chrysler. Once the clearance is correct, install the wire snap ring. Note: This PowerPack® is designed for Hi-Performance and Heavy Duty vehicles and will cause a 3-4 shift that is much firmer than the OE design.