Tru-cool Max 40,000 Gvw Transmission Oil Cooler Low Pressure Drop P/n Lpd47391


Tru-Cool Max 40,000 GVW Transmission Oil Cooler Low Pressure Drop P/N LPD47391

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Long Tru-Cool Max transmission cooler P/N LPD47391. This cooler is rated at 40,000 GVW and measures 8.5″x22.75″x1.25″. This is a stacked plate, low pressure drop unit. This cooler has 3/8″ inverted flare fittings. This is the ultimate cooler for heavy towing and is a must for heavy duty applications, including racing. Heat is what kills an automatic transmission. If you want to extend the life of your transmission and avoid or prolong a costly rebuild, this is very cheap insurance. All parts and instructions are included to mount and plumb this cooler. Advanced cooling protection for car, van, light truck, R.V. and towing applications. When Automatic Transmission Fluid is cold it is viscous. The unique Tru-Cool design allows the colder, thicker ATF to flow more efficiently through two open bypass channels positioned at the top of the cooler. As operating temperatures increase, the ATF becomes hotter and thinner. It’s then directed through the core where it is cooled. Tru-Cool’s highly efficient cooling technology combines improved protection against lube system failure with optimal heat transfer.